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Electronic Payments (EPI) Alters “Schedule A” Pricing, Removes Batch and AVS Charges

August 3, 2007

Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI) continues to enhance its service offerings to ISOs and MLS across the country. Today, they announced several major changes to its current Schedule A pricing.

The first of two pricing changes were announced to current ISOs and include the removal of all batch and address verification (AVS) fees from its Schedule A. “Unlike many other pricing changes, the removal of our AVS and Batch fees from the Schedule A will be retroactive to the first accounts submitted with EPI,” Matt Findlan said. “In other words,” he continued, “we will no longer be charging you ISO office batch or AVS fees on new or current accounts.”

Michael Nardy, founder and CEO of Electronic Payments, said on a company conference call with ISOs, “I’m pleased to announce the removal of batch fees and AVS charges from our pricing. This continues the competitive pricing we have put out in the marketplace and is one less pricing element for ISOs to worry about.”

All EPI ISOs are eligible for this pricing change and no new paperwork will be required. ISO and MLS partners of EPI can expect to see that change effective on their July residuals, posted on Friday August 10th.

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