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Since 2000, Electronic Payments has specialized in providing customized payment processing solutions for businesses nationwide. With our unrivaled customer service, technical support and low cost guarantees on the most innovative products, services and equipment, we fulfill all transaction and processing needs.

Exatouch for Liquor Stores Case Study: Twinsburg Beer, Wine & Liquor

Twinsburg Beer, Wine & Liquor has been using an electronic cash register system for years and is seeking a new point of sale that caters to all aspects of their business, including valued customers. Fortunately for Twinsburg, there is Exatouch Point of Sale! Read on to see how Exatouch helps Twinsburg run at top speed with the latest POS technologies. 

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Exatouch for Liquor Stores Case Study: Mantua Beverage & Gas

The Exatouch team had the opportunity to meet with Atul, the owner of Mantua Gas & Beverage in Ohio. Like many liquor stores across the state, Atul is challenged with managing operations, retaining satisfied customers, and meeting the mandates set forth by the state of Ohio's Liquor Modernization Project (LMP). Check out our case study to see how Exatouch's recent LMP certification and robust feature sets have improved and modernized Atul's business. 

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Exatouch for Seasonal Business Case Study: Babinski's Farm Stand

A staple of Long Island’s East End for 30 years, Babinski’s is a family owned and operated farm stand that sells a variety of produce, fresh-cut flowers, pre-made salads, artisan breads and meats. From Memorial Day to late fall, the stand is bustling with local patrons and seasonal visitors looking for fresh produce and homemade treats. And now, Babinski's is operating faster and smarter with Exatouch Point of Sale! 

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Exatouch for Restaurants Case Study: Goldenrod Drive In

Goldenrod's has been a landmark in the greater Manchester, New Hampshire area since the early 1950's. They are famous for generous portions of ice cream, chicken fingers, fried clams, lobster rolls, and other local favorites. With delicious, homemade menu items for the entire family, Goldenrod's is a staple in the community. See how Exatouch is advancing their business with modern payments and streamlined management solutions.

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Exatouch for Table Service Case Study: Salt

There’s a new trendy restaurant amongst Cleveland, Ohio’s food scene that’s revitalizing the entire dining
experience.  Salt, co-owned by chef Jill Vedaa and sommelier Jessica Parkison, specializes in composed small plates, thoughtfully crafted cocktails and interesting wines. See how Exatouch Point of Sale is a key component in getting their business up and running!

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Exatouch for Food Service Case Study: Fresco Pizza Deli

This privately-owned delicatessen shows how to optimize business operations with Exatouch.

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