About Electronic Payments

Since 2000, Electronic Payments has specialized in providing customized payment processing solutions for businesses nationwide. With our unrivaled customer service, technical support and low cost guarantees on the most innovative products, services and equipment, we fulfill all transaction and processing needs.

Exatouch for Convenience Stores Case Study: 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Upon entering Fort Stockton, Texas, you'll immediately come across one of the most popular drive-thru convenience stores in town - 5 O'Clock Somewhere! Serving more than 300 patrons daily, Exatouch Point of Sale helps deliver an exceptional customer experience while simplifying overall operations. 

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Exatouch Spotlight: Enhancing the Checkout Experience

In today's shopping and dining environments, the modern consumer expects to be guided quickly through the payment process. While the checkout is only one component of the overall customer experience, it is one of the most critical pieces. Long lines can lead to walkouts; extended wait times can deter future visits; and poor service can tarnish a brand's reputation. Exatouch® Point of Sale enhances the checkout process with streamlined procedures and features designed to get your customers in and out fast.

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Exatouch for Seasonal Business Case Study: Babinski's Farm Stand

A staple of Long Island’s East End for 30 years, Babinski’s is a family owned and operated farm stand that sells a variety of produce, fresh-cut flowers, pre-made salads, artisan breads and meats. From Memorial Day to late fall, the stand is bustling with local patrons and seasonal visitors looking for fresh produce and homemade treats. And now, Babinski's is operating faster and smarter with Exatouch Point of Sale! 

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Exatouch Spotlight: Put the Best POS Technologies to Work for Your Restaurant

Most restaurateurs would agree. With so many moving parts in your daily operations, the variables to consider when selecting a POS system can oftentimes seem daunting. See how Exatouch has the payment and management technologies in place for table service establishments.

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Exatouch for Restaurants Case Study: Goldenrod Drive In

Goldenrod's has been a landmark in the greater Manchester, New Hampshire area since the early 1950's. They are famous for generous portions of ice cream, chicken fingers, fried clams, lobster rolls, and other local favorites. With delicious, homemade menu items for the entire family, Goldenrod's is a staple in the community. See how Exatouch is advancing their business with modern payments and streamlined management solutions.

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Bridging the Payments Gap

It’s strategic. It’s measurable. And it’s everywhere. Far more than just payments and point of sale, the new reality of Omnichannel retailing leverages a series of shared-use pathways which reach...

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